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Adding superior grip to magazines or tactical grips is as easy as peel and stick. The die-cut, self-adhesive Grip Tape is waterproof and highly abrasion resistant. Originally developed to fit into the Hexture design pattern of SENTRY products, it can be used on most any surface where you need additional grip. 

  • One sheet can cover both sides of a SENTRY™ Hexmag. It's easy as peel and stick and can be easily trimmed to fit with a razor blade. 
  • Grip Tape is die-cut in full hexagons if you want to completely cover the magazine you will need to cut the hexagons down to match the pattern on the magazine.
  • Clean the surface of the magazine or accessory with a lint free cloth and rubbing alcohol or similar before applying. Once applied lightly heat the Grip Tape to the temperature of a warm cup of coffee with a heat gun or hair drier to set the adhesive. Do not heat over 130 degrees Fahrenheit.    

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Grip tape
Written by James Berry on 12th Mar 2018

The product works great! Unfortunately I only give it 3 stars because the discription of the product says 1 sheet covers both sides. It does not. I bought 3 sheets to do 6 mags in a random pattern and still had to order more. If I had known, I would have only paid shipping once not twice.

Works great
Written by Chris on 9th Jan 2018

Purchased these to add to extra grip and a little distinction.. Received these super fast.. Cleaned the magazine with alcohol.... Dried... Then applied.. Heated without a hair dryer to heat up the glue good.. Pretty straight forward and easy to apply... Gives extra grip.. And a little more distinction on the magazine

Grip tape
Written by John Raynal on 19th Sep 2017

Perfect exactly what I expected and more. I didn't expect the grip tape to be that flexible when applied to the contours of the 20 round hexmag 308 magazines.

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