Hexmag 4 Pack Black HexID

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size: 4.50 W × 9.75 H × 0.75 L

If you chamber a variety of different AR-15 calibers, then you know marking your magazines is much like a home improvement project. (There’s usually a lot of paint and tape involved.) But at Hexmag, we know just how important it is to safely, quickly and efficiently identify ammunition calibers , which is why Hexmag introduced the first-ever colored rifle ammunition identification system — the HexID Color Identification System. Having the peace of mind that your investment, health and safety are all accounted for using our color-coded magazines that can be changed without tools, and in under 1 min, has changed the industry. We think you’ll want to buy more magazines!

  • Available in a 2- or 4-pack system
  • Choose from 7 different colors

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