Hexmag Series 2 AR-15 Magazine with a 10 Round Capacity

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size: 4.00 W × 7.00 H × 1.00 L
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California magazine laws are some of the most talked-about restrictions, but there are several other states that limit firearm magazine capacity to 10 rounds. At SENTRY, we pride ourselves in delivering one of the most functional and durable 10-round magazine solutions to these communities featuring the industry recognized SENTRY Hexmag with its HEXTURE™ design pattern - a hallmark of all SENTRY Hexmag's for maximum grip, durability and performance.

The magazine features SENTRY's patented Tool-Less Design for fast and easy floorplate removal allowing field cleaning and HexID® color customization. Incorporating the industry’s most popular and functional accessories including Hexmag Grip Tape and SENTRY HexID Color Ammunition Identification System. 

Magazine capacity is regulated by SENTRY's patented True Riser® System inside of a standard size body which is designed to meet strict compliance regulations in specific regions of the United States.


  • CALIBERS: .223/5.56x45mm, .300AAC Blackout, .458 SOCOM, .50 Beowulf and more
  • RIFLES: AR-15s, SCAR 16, IWI Tavor, CZ Bren, Beretta ARX 100 and more
  • CAPACITY: 10 Round internally limited magazine in a standard size body
  • CONSTRUCTION: PolyHex2 Advanced Composite. Please note this 10rd magazine uses a standard size body, it is not a short magazine. 
  • COLORS: Black, FDE, Gray, OD Green. Can be assembled custom with HexID colors. Custom magazines not for re-sale, only available direct to consumer.


  • California residents or anyone with non-standard magazine catch/release buttons please make sure that the catch/release button or magazine retention device is adjusted properly. 
  • Connecticut residents do not need to submit a copy of their carry permits.  

All Hexmag products are Made in the U.S.A. by SENTRY

Lifetime Warranty


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5 based on 13 reviews. Leave a Review.
Great mag
Written by Robert Sampson on 13th Mar 2019

It looks great for a 10 round magazine. The magazine ejects great and a nice price

AR-15 10 round Mag
Written by Lee on 7th Jan 2019

Awesome product at a great price.

Hex mags
Written by Christopher L Cazier on 6th Sep 2018

Super fast shipping and mags go in smooth.

Nice Mags
Written by Russell Lovrin on 16th Jul 2018

I purchased these magazines recently on sale. They appear to function very well and had no issues while using them. I would recommend these mags to anyone who would like a nice, poly mag.

Great product
Written by Jordan Palfrey on 9th Jun 2018

These magazines are a must have I bought three of them and I plan on buying a lot more they are great quality and I haven't found any flaws in them whatsoever yet I highly recommend this product to anybody looking for a strong durable safe magazine

Hex Mag
Written by Bucky Duggan on 11th May 2018

FDE color matched my other FDE colored parts on my AR so I was happy with that, fits great and works great too. Going to order the grip tape pack to add onto the magazines soon as well.

Hexmag 10 & 15 Rd Magazines
Written by Gary Graves on 16th Mar 2018

Love them! Much, much better than expected. Great product that's strong, well built and looks fantastic! I will be purchasing more soon. Also, I found out they have very personal customer service...wonderful service! I will be Looking for new products from them in the future. Thanks...you have a devoted customer here.

10 rd mag
Written by Ty on 13th Mar 2018

These mags are sound, no issues at all. Great product.

Great Mag
Written by Tyler on 6th Dec 2017

These are great magazines. They work well with my AR-15. They are quality, they look awesome, and they function well. The customization's with the color combos is great. Wouldn't buy anything else.

Amazing Magazine
Written by Ryan on 6th Nov 2017

YOU GUYS ARE INCREDIBLE.  Received and tested these this weekend - loaded them into a DDM4v11 Daniel Defense Carbine style AR15 - and the magazines worked like butter. For those interested, they are also fully compatible with the FC Hook magazine lock from Torque Precision for California compliance and will surely work with AR Maglock's.  Excellent excellent excellent work!!!!!!!!!!!! Easy tooless disassembly - zero misfeeds - attractive and functional hex design grip and quick drop removal of loaded rounds from bottom button cap in case of fixed magazine dual feed failures (where the clip can not be dropped due to California's ridiculous laws for fixed Mags) The HexMags also work flawlessly with MA Loaders (AR15 5.56 Sideloaders) from MeanArms. They work beautifully to accept rounds from the ejector port, once again for those of us in the overly regulated state of California - loading into the magazine from the ejector port is a viable option as we are not able to remove the Magazine without separation of upper and lower receivers. HexMags and MA Loaders match made in heaven. Please please please keep doing what you are doing - fantastically awesome product - by far the most innovative Poly Magazine clip available for the AR15 platform.   We Salute you! Ryan California

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