Hexmag Series 2 AR-15 Magazine with a 30 Round Capacity

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UPC: 085992200706
size: 4.00 W × 7.00 H × 1.00 L
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The 30 round magazine is ideal for any sport, competitor or tactical shooters demanding superior strength, proven reliability and exceptional value. Features include; redesigned feed lip geometry to maximize strength and versatility, stripper clip guides for faster reloading, deep catch pocket for rock-solid stability, one of the industry’s only true tool-less designs for easy cleaning, heat-treated stainless steel spring for extended storage periods.

The magazine features the SENTRY patented Tool-Less Design for fast and easy floorplate removal allowing field cleaning and HexID® color customization. Incorporates the industry’s most popular and functional accessories including Hexmag Grip Tape and SENTRY HexID Color Ammunition Identification System. 


  • CALIBERS: .223/5.56x45mm, .300AAC Blackout, .458 SOCOM, .50 Beowulf and more
  • RIFLES: AR-15s, SCAR 16, IWI Tavor, CZ Bren, Beretta ARX 100 and more
  • CAPACITY: 30
  • CONSTRUCTION: PolyHex2 Advanced Composite
  • COLORS: Black, FDE, Gray, OD Green. Can be assembled custom with HexID colors. Custom magazines not for re-sale, only available direct to consumer.

All Hexmag products are Made in the U.S.A. by SENTRY

Lifetime Warranty


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Hexmag 30 round
Written by Morgan on 12th Jun 2019

Great mags! Feeds well every time!

Written by Jeffery on 27th May 2019

Was not impressed at all gave 18$ plus shipping for a mag that I had to rebuild as soon As I received it. Poor customer service. Won’t buy again. They didn’t even off to send another mag. The spring was shot and seemed to short. Won’t buy again

Written by Robert Jordan on 22nd Apr 2019

Not a p mag but only one i could find in actual fde, works well enough, havnt had issues with any of them.

Great product
Written by Brandon Robinson on 16th Apr 2019

Great product

Written by Danny Guzman on 27th Mar 2019

Arrived right away, zero issues, couldn’t be happier

Hexmag gen2
Written by Stephen on 11th Mar 2019

I bought them for my .50 Beowulf, unfortunately they do not feed reliably without being modified. However they feed the 556 ammo great. Easy disassembly, and customizing is a breeze. I wish they feed the .50 Beowulf as advertised. Otherwise they are a solid buy if you stay within the more conventional rounds.

hexmag mags
Written by george on 8th Mar 2019

•Hexmag Series 2 AR-15 Magazine with a 30 Round Capacity they seem very well made and the color coding is a nice touch but I wont be using that recommend them...

Written by Torin on 5th Mar 2019

Was a little weary to spend money on another company making a polymer mag at first but decided to give them a try. So glad I did! After sending hundreds of rounds through other polymer mags there is usually a problem with consistent feeding and the bolt catching on the follower. But I can say after several hundred through the Hexmag, I have yet to encounter any of the problems I've had with other mags. Fantastic product through and through.

Great All Around Sub
Written by DJ Cali J on 19th Feb 2019

Great magazines. Construction is solid, different color followers and base button certainly help different between different ammo types when placed in kit and allows for greater flexibility. What little weight you gain from convention silver of green G-Mags I feel you make up for in alternatives. Definately a few ounces heavier though so if you have to kit out with more than 6, something to think about for long rucks. They sell hex-grip tape that magically fits in the honeycomb spaces and works great. No jams, faults, or issues thus far and tested in many types of conditions. Only major improvement might be a slightly wider base plate to accommodate later hands. Without the extra tape, larger hands might find the mags difficult to manipulate when Cold or wet. With tape, no issues, but the mag should stand by itself as built otherwise what is the purpose. Recommend 5/5.

Written by Mike Fishel on 21st Sep 2018

excellent product , stock them in my gun shop and use hexmag products in all my custom builds

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