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Tourniquet Medical Pouches

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One of the most important pieces of medical equipment for use in the field is a tourniquet. At SENTRY, we have developed 3 different kinds of tourniquet pouches to suite your needs. A basic zippered tourniquet pouch, our innovative pop-up tourniquet pouch and a slim-line tourniquet pouch. 

  • The zippered tourniquet pouch allows you to store your tourniquet and a few necessary medical items. 
  • The Pop-Up tourniquet pouch features SENTRY's innovative captured deployment system. By combining a hook and loop band with an internal Velcro strip it keeps the tourniquet presented on the Pop-Up tab. Where you can then grab the tourniquet and use with without fear of it flying away from you in rapid movement when you pull the kit out of the pouch. 
  • If you need to keep your profile slim or just don't want a larger pouch we offer our Slim-Line tourniquet pouch which only fits a tourniquet.  

*Tourniquets not included

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